I must have caught your interest for you to be here, and I’m glad I did!
Charles is a Product Designer and Webflow Developer with 4 years of experience specializing in UI/UX and Interaction designs and a year in Webflow development with a background in Business Management.
He transitioned to the design space as a Graphics Designer in 2019 and a freelance UI/UX Designer, creating graphics elements across platforms for different brands. His drive and desire for design development helped him grow into a Product Designer (UI/UX) and he is currently learning low-code development to increase his skill set.
He has worked on projects with different brands including start-ups and medium-scale companies, boosting these organizations' productivity and achievements.
His experience over the years has groomed him into the designer that finds the perfect balance for the end-users needs and economical business benefit for organizations. 
He's honored to share that one of my projects (CirCle) was selected to be featured in The Best Bright Color App Designs by DesignRush, a platform known for promoting entertainment app design
He works as a part-time designer with Aya (Techstars 23) and is open to global offers. Outside his design world, he is a cryptocurrency and occasionally a forex trader (you could say he has a thing for the financial market).
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